Valles Caldera: The Science never strays far from the subject so clearly stated in the title, and yet the film deftly weaves character with a sense of place that sometimes I forgot I was being presented with detailed information about the science of this singular place. In the film, Aydelott demonstrates his capacity for telling a story as he utilizes a palette of lush imagery and extended interviews. The people he brings to the fore are not always the most eloquent speakers, but because of skilled editing and frequent interleaving of fine photography, their narratives move along smoothly and engagingly. Aydelott’s technique reflects the subject matter: it doesn’t use pretty images to paint science as poetry, and it doesn’t water down complex ideas, and yet it holds the viewers attention. I look forward to seeing Aydelott’s treatment of other aspects of the Valles Caldera—something he says he intends to do with more films to come.
— Don Usner, Co-author Valles Caldera: A Vision for New Mexico's National Preserve

For the layman who is not a scientist, but takes science seriously, even if it is from the comfort of an armchair, there was some great information and I am proud that public lands of the West are contributing to a better understanding of our world.
— Susan Estes, Volunteer Leader of Sierra Club National Outings

Please tell Tim how much my husband and I enjoyed his PBS documentary yesterday. What a wonderful production!! We sat mesmerized. He is a gifted photographer, director but most of all teacher. Thank you for an enlightening and beautiful afternoon.
— M. Colleen McNamara, Ph.D. - Biology Instructor Central New Mexico Community College

One of the best videos I have seen in many years... I found the explanation animation of the formation very well done... and you answered a lot of questions about why the research projects are so important.
— Dave Clement, Oro Valley, AZ

This is a must see!
— Melissa Bruch via the Valles Caldera Documentary Facebook page

Valles Caldera was great!! Always good to see Tim Aydelott Productions. Very informative without being boring or too heavy on the science. The photography was beautiful! Congratulations!
— Tonya Covington

fascinating and gorgeous ! thank you for this.
— Miguel Migs Atencio via the Valles Caldera Documentary Facebook page