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In Part Three of the trilogy we will look at the influence that the available resources in the Caldera have had on Native American, Spanish Colonial, ranching cultures, scientific community and today's public. 

The Valles Caldera is currently a grand land management experiment operated by the federal government as a National Preserve. Under the Valles Caldera Preservation act of 2000 the Preserved must follow 5 mandates;

1) Protect the environment

2) Serve the public with recreational programs

3) Run a working ranch

4) Conduct quality ecosystem research

5) Be self-sustaining.

We will investigate the success & failings of this unique holistic approach to a land management model.  How does the Caldera management utilize data collected thru the scientific research conducted on the preserve to make decisions about land use in the Preserve? What are the plans for the future of the VCNP in light of the management and oversight guidelines put in place with the enabling legislation? How is management planning for infrastructure and access to VCNP resources in order to address public concerns? How does the Preserve maintain and protect the large Elk herd and wildlife ecosystems.  Is this experimental approach to managing public lands the future of land management? 

There are many options for the future of the Valles Caldera including transfer of managment to the Forest Service, National Parks, Jemez Pueblo or continued management via the Valles Caldera Trust.

The public has strong opinions, as do policy makers, the local tribes, elected officials, historians, volcanologists, scientists and wildlife biologists.  How do the restrictions placed on access affect the public enjoyment of this remarkable landscape? What are the various opinions and perceptions about what is going on with the management of the Preserve? What are the contrasting points of view regarding the use of the Preserve? There are many, and most are very strongly held.

The program will contain the beautiful nature and wildlife imagery obtained in the previous two parts of the trilogy alongside new interviews with all the important players in the drama.  In a neutral investigative journalist model, we will put it all on the table for the public debate.

We are currently seeking funding for Part Two and Three of the trilogy.  Interest and excitement is high following our recent Premier screening of the film in the Lockheed Martin DynaTheater at The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque, NM.   The filming of Part 1: The Science gave us incredible access and connections with most of the critical players in the Valles Caldera Story.  The programs will each be distributed to PBS and V Me and be available as a 3 series DVD set for worldwide distribution.