Valles Caldera: The Science lands 2 Emmy wins!

The 2013 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards celebration was held October 19th, 2013. Valles Caldera: The Science won in two of it's three nominated categories.  Best Documentary - Topical was awarded to Executive Producer/Director Tim Aydelott and Producer Ylonda Viola.  Best Photography went to John G. Britt.  Producer Ylonda Viola represented Santa Fe Productions and Tim Aydelott Productions at the gala event.  We extend our sincere thanks to our friends, family and supporters.  Especially of note are all the folks listed below - Thank you all so so much!   

Teachers Guide to Valles Caldera: The Science is now available! 

In a unique approach to creating innovative educational curriculum from an environmental documentary, New Mexico EPSCoR secured the talents of Science Education Consultant, Rhonda Spidell to create NGSS aligned curriculum based on select video clips from the documentary Valles Caldera: The Science. The curriculum incorporates an Earth Systems approach to the research taking place in the Caldera & provides elementary, middle and high school teachers access to student labs and activities under the subjects; Fire, Climate Change, Water Quality and Geology.

It is available for free online at

The Albert I. Pierce Foundation offered support as well and sponsored two presentations of the new website at the 2013 national conference of The North American Association of Environmental Educators in Baltimore Maryland.  Tim Aydelott, Deb Thrall, Rhonda Spidell and Ylonda Viola were thrilled to attend and share this innovative curriculum with a national audience.  Thank you to everyone involved in making this a reality!


Valles Caldera: The Science receives 3 Emmy Nominations!

The Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominations were announced last night...

Best Documentary Topical - Tim Aydelott and Ylonda Viola
Best Photography - John G. Britt
Best Musical Score - Matthew Pavolaitis

Winners are announced October 19th. 

Thank you to all of our supporters - we are so grateful!

We will be screening Valles Caldera: The Science for the Sierra Club Outings Program at the Valles Caldera National Preserve Main Lodge on May 14th and May 19th.  The event will include a Q&A with the film's Director Tim Aydelott. 

ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL article by Adiran Gomez Sun, Apr 14, 2013

IN THE VALLES CALDERA: For nearly three years, Tim Aydelott and crew captured footage in the Valles Caldera in northern New Mexico. Now his documentary, “Valles Caldera: The Science” will have a run on PBS, Channel 5 at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 18.

This documentary focuses on the Valles Caldera National Preserve in the high mountains of northern New Mexico. The preserve is situated inside a collapsed crater surrounded by eruptive domes and features the 11,254-foot Redondo Peak. Much of the year, the Valles area is an emerald gem amidst the sere New Mexico landscape.

“I’ve always wanted to do a piece on this area since I moved here in 1992,” he explains. “Once it became public land, I started to think about the documentary and eventually it fell into place and here it is.”

Aydelott says the film explores scientific research into climate change being conducted on the Valles Caldera National Preserve, as well as the geology, the geologic forces that formed the caldera’s super volcano, the current hydrology within the caldera and the effects of fire in the region.

It also is broken up into three major topics: geologic history, current research and fire impact.

“When we started filming, this was years before the Las Conchas Fire,” he explains. “You can see the change in the landscape. It turned out well because the fire created all the drama we needed to tell this story.”

Aydelott says it was surreal being out in that open space.

 “I keep going back to the first time we were there and that was in 2008,” he says. “It was 4:30 in the morning and there were about five people that were in the area. I just kept thinking to myself how special it was to be here.” - By Adrian Gomez


Due to the sold out show on Jan 24th we will be screening the documentary again!  We hope those of you that didn't make it in to the show on the 24th can come back.  Here are the details;

Public screening of Valles Caldera: The Science as a Benefit for Caldera Action

Noon February 16th at The Screen in Santa Fe New Mexico
Discussion and Q & A afterward with Dr. Bob Parmenter and  the Director of the documentary: Tim Aydelott

Purchase tickets the The Screen

Sold out screening at The Screen!  We are so sorry to those of you who were turned away at the door due to the show selling out so quickly.  Thank you so much for coming out to support the show and Caldera Action. 

Check the "Broadcasts" page for the latest station locations and times in California and New Mexico. 

Public screening of Valles Caldera: The Science as a Benefit for Caldera Action
7:00 PM, January 24th at The Screen in Santa Fe New Mexico
Discussion and Q & A afterward with Dr. Bob Parmenter and  the Director of the documentary: Tim Aydelott

Purchase tickets the The Screen

Free screening in Jemez Springs December 13th, 2012 6.30pm The Valles Caldera Science and Education Center.  Seating is limited so please contact Ylonda Viola to reserve your seats at  or 505-603-1202

WestLink feed of the program to PBS stations nationwide is set for November 29th, 2012 1230-1330ET HD05.  NOLA code VCRA000.  Program Title Valles Caldera: The Science.  CLICK HERE To request this program from your local PBS station before November 28th! Thank you

We are uplinking Valles Caldera: The Science to the Public Television satellite on Thursday, November 29, 2012. By contacting your local PBS station and requesting the documentary be screened in your area you help by showing audience generated interest.  It only takes a few voices for programmers to download and schedule the show. 

So here is what you can do between now and November 28th, 2012:
1) Use the following link: to find your local PBS station.

2) Call or email them & tell them that you want to see: Valles Caldera: The Science. You can provide them this information as well: NOLA: VRCA 000, Feed Date: November 29, 2012: 12:30 – 1330 ET HD 05.

3) Pass this info along to your friends and family across the nation so they can see the documentary too!

The stations listen to their viewers and we'd love for you to be able to see it! Please contact us if you need help locating your station. We really appreciate your interest and time – Thanks!

Fundraiser screening of Valles Caldera: The Science at the Reel Deal Theater in Los Alamos.  This is a fundraiser for the Pajarito Environmental Education Center with Q&A after the showing with the Director Tim Aydelott and Geologist & Author Fraser Goff. $10 adults, $5 kids at the door.  Pajarito Environmental Education Center,

Director Tim Aydelott and Producer Ylonda Viola present to the New Mexico Network of Rural Educators and New Mexico EPSCoR.  The workshop helps determine educational uses of Valles Caldera: The Science to middle and high school students.  New Mexico EPSCoR will use this information to determine short video clips from the movie and supportive teaching materials to use in classroom along with the full documentary. 

Tickets on sale for the first public screening of Valles Caldera: The Science.  This event is sponsored by New Mexico EPSCoR.  Location; The Lockheed Martin DynaTheater at The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque, NM. Click here for tickets!  (SOLD OUT). 

New Mexico EPSCoR Newsletter article about the documentary.  Check it out!

Voice of America publishes an article on drought and fire featuring The Valles Caldera National Preserve and a video clip from Valles Caldera: The Science.  Click here for the article and here for the You Tube Video containing clips from the documentary.

Executive Producer- Tony Tiano, Director-Tim Aydelott and Producer-Ylonda Viola are invited to present at the national "Meet The Funders" webinar hosted by The Grant Center.  The team discuss Valles Caldera: The Science documentary and the process of obtaining a National Science Foundation grant for the film.  The Grant Center is a The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) funded partnership between Association of Public Television Stations (APTS) and The Development Exchange, Inc. (DEI).  You can learn more about The Grant Center here and listen to the webinar archive here!

Director Tim Aydelott presents at the New Mexico Town Hall on Fire and Water Town Hall - Read about it here

Tim Aydelott presents clips and a discussion at the NM EPSCoR External Advisory Group meeting and our National Science Foundation Grant Advisory Group along with a trip to the Valles Caldera National Preserve. 

Tim Aydelott presents documentary production plans to the Sierra Club Volunteers Group working in the Valles Caldera National Preserve.

Link to the article with Director Tim Aydelott in the LA Monitor - Click here

Awarded a Communicating Research to Public Audiences Grant from the National Science Foundation.  Click here for the grant details.