Teacher’s Guide to Valles Caldera: The Science

In a unique approach to creating innovative educational curriculum from an environmental documentary, New Mexico EPSCoR secured the talents of Science Education Consultant, Rhonda Spidell to create NGSS aligned curriculum based on select video clips from the documentary Valles Caldera: The Science. The curriculum incorporates an Earth Systems approach to the research taking place in the Caldera & provides elementary, middle and high school teachers access to student labs and activities under the subjects; Fire, Climate Change, Water Quality and Geology.

It is available for free online at http://vcnpearthsystems.nmepscor.net

The Albert I. Pierce Foundation offered support as well and sponsored two presentations of the new website at the 2013 national conference of The North American Association of Environmental Educators in Baltimore Maryland.  Tim Aydelott, Deb Thrall, Rhonda Spidell and Ylonda Viola were thrilled to attend and share this innovative curriculum with a national audience.  Thank you to everyone involved in making this a reality!